How can we do the most good?

Most of us want to improve the world. We see suffering, injustice, and death and feel moved to do something about it. But figuring out what that “something” is, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and disheartening challenge. Effective altruism is a response to this challenge.

Join us Thursdays 5-6PM in Pearsons!

Effective Altruism at Midd aims to offer students the resources and support to figure out how they can best help others, combining our compassion with evidence and reasoning.

Weekly Seminars

Join us on Thursdays as we tackle, wrangle, and reflect on the question of how we can use our resources to help others do the most good.


Our fellowships are designed to prepare students to further engage with ideas and strategies for improving the world.

Have a greater social impact with your career.

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Fun Facts

689M live on less than $1.90 a day.

356M Children living in poverty around the world.

The number of hours in your career.

The amount you can reduce your carbon footprint if you stop using plastic bags for the rest of your life.

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