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There are lots of ways to get involved with Effective Altruism at Midd! We run programming throughout the year, which is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

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Upcoming Events

Weekly Meetings

Join us on Thursdays from 5-6 PM in the Pearson Lounge to tackle, wrangle, and reflect on the question of how we can use our resources to help others do the most good.


The Intro Fellowship is an 8 week program that consists of weekly readings and discussions of curated EA material with other fellows under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, with optional subsidized dinners and social events. The minimum time commitment per week is 2-2.5 hours, with 1-1.5 hour of readings per week and 1 hour of discussion. Here is a list that contains a brief overview of the topics covered in the course of the 8 weeks.

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Join us for our first ever retreat in Burlington from November 12-13!

Career Sessions

Interested in how you can best use your 80,000 hours? Join us for coffee chats and seminars from guest speakers and recieve career guidance / mentorship.

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